Metal Plating Services

Irish Metal Finishing provides a complete range of plating services for any application, including general engineering, automotive, aerospace, medical, refrigeration and computer manufacture.

There are many benefits to electro plating form pure aesthetics to abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity and even building up the surface on undersized parts in applications with extremely low size tolerance and we are able to provide our services for any and all of these applications.

Below is a list of the plating services we can provide.

●  Zinc Plating

  • Rack and Barrel
  • Both acid zinc and cyanide zinc
  • Trivalent clear
  • Yellow and black.

● Nickel Plating & Copper- Nickel Plating

  • Rack and barrel

● Tin Plating

  • Rack and Barrel

● Zinc/Nickel

  • Rack and Barrel

● Electroless Nickel

  • Rack and barrel
  • Teflon Nickel
  • Chemical Blackening

● Silver Plating

  • Rack and barrel

● Gold Plating

For more information about our metal plating, or other metal finishing services, including painting, powder coating and electro-polishing, please contact us today.

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